That sounds similar to what happened with a friend’s PSP. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. How can I get around the block that comes’ up when I try to play games downloaded through psn on different accounts of mine? More topics from this board Then putting that iso file onto your memory stick in the root directory in a folder called ISO. When the CFW maker is known.

6.20 pro b8 ctf themes

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Nintendo defined the handheld.

How To Get Custom Game Boot On Your PSP

It appears to be based off of Dark Alex’s m33 firmware, I am basing this solely on the implementation of the recovery menu with some extras and some other cues. This guide is an all-in-one guide to installing the appropriate Custom. My little brother’s psp go battery has died; I know because Lro opened it up and took it out for a bit then reinserted it.

How to install cfw 6. It wasn’t possible before, so it’s possible to update from an official firmware now? Feb 7, 3, 0 0. Stumpokapow listen to the mad man. I can recommend a great repair service though: For the corrupted data things, I could imagine some people may have downloaded the game and ended up having a bad ISO or something equally weird. What’s your favourite screen? Prev 1 … Go to page. I’ll try hooking it up to the PS3 at some point to see if that refreshes the subscription, if not I’ll probably look at getting a cheap new PSP with current price I doubt it’ll be much more expensive.


There is a short clip on youtube of it barely running on a PSP. Firstly, thanks to folks for the help- this is really, really simple. Times like these when I wish I had a hacked PsP.

I guess no one can answer my other question but anyway I have a new one. Sony just announced YouTube. Oct 20, 9, 0 0 Southeastern Louisiana. Most people opt for 6. I have the latest cfw on my psp go, is there any plugin or homebrew? If cft still not sure what to choose, I would recommend going with 6.

CTF themes not showing in PRO B4

Oct 29, 5, 26 1, San Antonio, TX. Forums Discussions Gaming Discussion. Installing Custom Firmware 3. What the heck am I doing wrong, game ID maybe? So basically I buy a pandora battery and magic memory stick, use those two things to fix my PSP, and then I don’t need them again and go back to using my regular battery and memory stick?


I can hardly hear some of my mp3’s or movies, others and games startle me sometimes, they are so loud. Feb 11, 1, 5 Canada. For playing your own ripped UMD games for example. If you don’t have CFW, go here: Too bad the newer Taiko game is so expensive still, not a priority to get it though. Mar 17, 76, 0 0 34 The Digital World twitter. They both work fine separately, I can load disc 1 or disc 2 eboot without any issue, but when I follow the tutorial and use an eboot with both isos I get “This game cannot be started.

6.20 pro b8 ctf themes

For this list YouTube. Am I behind the times and about to brick a PSP tryng some teenage stunt?

6.20 pro b8 ctf themes

Esse Gameboot foi eu mesmo que o criei!