Zabanam Ra Namefahmi Ahmad Zahir. After his death, Zahir was considered a national hero. Ashaq Shada Am Ahmad Zahir. Faqat Sozi Ahmad Zahir. This versatility and willingness to adopt musical creations of others for his own performance, greatly enhanced the merit of his own musical creations. Nabari Guman Ka Ahmad Zahir. Songs like Hama Yaranam, Rozo Shabam which is a collaboration with the great Afghan singer Nashenas , Tanha tuyere, and Tora Afsoone Chashmanam were hugely popular due to their easily accessible lyrics mainly to the youth and a sound that suited the Afghan musical palate perfectly.

ahmad zahir az ghamat ay nazanin mp3

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His baritone chest voice and evocative singing gave him the title of “Bulbul-e- Habibya The Nightingale of Habibya.

ahmad zahir az ghamat ay nazanin mp3

Following the Saur RevolutionZahir criticized the leaders of the new communist regime in three songs in resistance to their oppression, [11] modelling himself after one of his heroes, John Lennonwho used rock music for anti-war resistance in the west.

Dilam dar ashaqi awara shad Ahmad Zahir. Beman Aye Shab Ahmad Zahir.

Ahmad Zahir – Afghan Music Albums – Listen and Download Mp3

The musicians managed to complete these recordings almost 40 years ago with almost no technology of today’s world, and all was done in live recordings.

Tura Afsoon Chashmanam Ahmad Zahir. Awalin ashqam tu bode Ahmad Zahir. Views Read Edit View history. The band later became known as the amateur band ghamar Habibia High School and performed in local concerts during celebratory occasions like NowruzEid ul-Fitrand Afghan Independence Day.


After the great Afghan singer SarbanZahir played the most vital role in the development of the Afghan musical style. Retrieved 24 May Bar Khatari Azada Ahmad Zahir.

Ahmad Zahir – Mahfeli Albums – Listen and Download Mp3

It was reported in the media that he died in a car accident around the Salang Tunnel. Zahir was one of the first Afghan musicians not to shy away from covering great songs of other artists.

Harmoniumpiano, accordionacoustic guitar. His privileged and affluent background his father, Abdul Zahir, was an ambassador, a minister, and later the Prime Minister of Afghanistan gave him the opportunity to travel and become exposed to the burgeoning musical revolution of the 60s and 70s occurring in the United States, Europe, and India.

Gar Koni Yak Ahmad Zahir. Bas Ki Jafa Ahmad Zahir. Ashaq Shada Am Ahmad Zahir.

ahmad zahir az ghamat ay nazanin mp3

Mirawam Khasta Ahmad Zahir. Although the distinct Afghan sound as opposed to the Indian classical, zahjr Afghan music, and western music was created by the Persian singer Sarban in partnership with the legendary composer Salim Sarmast, Zahir was the one who popularized the sound and took it to the masses.

ahmad zahir az ghamat ay nazanin mp3

The singer Ahmad Zahir is a good example of the process. Archived from the original on 4 November Among the people of Afghanistan, he gjamat considered an icon of Afghanistan music and is widely regarded as the “Greatest Afghan Singer of all time” or the ” Elvis of Afghanistan”, and reclaims immortal fame due to his contributions and influence on music in Afghanistan.


Ahmad Zahir

The specific problem is: Gazasht Onki Ahmad Zahir. Sadra Dar Intizarat Ahmad Zahir. They are ranked as some of the best music created in Afghanistan’s musical history.

Nami Khaham Ahmad Zahir. Audio cassette versions of many of Zahir’s Afghan Music albums are missing some songs that are present on the original vinyl records. Dostat Darum Hamesha Ahmad Zahir. Nabari Guman Ka Ahmad Zahir.

Ahmad Zahir az gamatay ay nozanin

He considered covering music of other artists as a homage to their artistic brilliance. Kashke Kashke Mara Ahmad Zahir. There are mixed views from critics regarding his death, with many claiming that he was assassinated as his political stance was at odds with the Marxist government of the time, lured out the city by a close friend and two female accompanies and subsequently murdered.