It makes testing for. Welcome to Smashboards, the world’s largest Super Smash Brothers community! I was wondering if you knew why this was happening and how I could fix it. It will save some people the frustration. Dios Mios Booter , or any other launcher.

dios mios 2.8

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Backing Up a copy of Melee for use through USB/SD

We all know that GC discs tend to be the most fragile things in the world, dang Metroid Prime disc. I used Dios Mios version 2.

dios mios 2.8

This next part can be a heavy duty trial and error for some, I know it was for me. Ok, so I have a newer Wii. Joined Sep dio, Messages 3, It will save some people the frustration.

dios mios 2.8

It may take a few minutes. This is technically cios, think of it as a digital backup. Quillion Smash Master Nov 8, Make sure it is 32k for align. Guides Latest reviews Search resources.


Dios mios tutorial – Jones Street Station

In the bottom folder, select your games folder on your USB. News What’s new Latest activity Authors.

Right click your preferred storage device. So this guide will go over how you can backup your current Melee disc into.


If one doesn’t work, try the other. It appears that you are using ad block: Navigate to your USB drive location, in my case H: Would any of this work at all? By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The way it works is simple: So for me it’s H: Click here to sign up right now and start on your path in the Smash community!

Alternatively, this ad may have just failed to load. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Please disable your adblock on Smashboards, or go premium to hide all advertisements and this notice. Wooggle Smash Apprentice Nov 29, Thread starter TechMage Start date Jun 21, Instead of taking around seconds to load the match after selecting the stage, it took about 10 MINUTES to load mioa match, so it mis basicaly unplayable.


Make sure to eject it before disconnectingand we’re almost good to go. TechMage Smash Apprentice Nov 29, However this website is run by and for the community Here’s a guide to installing bootmii or priiloader so your Wii becomes unbrickable!! I am not responsible for any damage miso to anything during this process, but that is highly unlikely.