The video was played at the beginning and toward the end of the concert. I’m not the kind of girl to get messed up with you. I don’t know why you say goodbye. Gucci Mane – Fetish. You know, this is not for distribution. Singing Yes, girl, we were.

dj earworm olympics

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And so “Born to Run,” it’s just iconic and Singing We got to get out while we’re young This Kanye West album was a real change of pace for him, veering more towards moody pop than hip-hop.

This text may not be in its final form and may be olympicw or revised in the future. Singing Don’t stop believing The video was played at the beginning and toward the end of the concert.

Quavo – Congratulations Robin Schulz feat. Party on the Floor List of all of my mashups. Rapping Mountain top, walk on water.

Mashup for What List of all of my mashups. Summing up Summer with the summer’s hottest tracks! Later, you’ve got this amazing pairing of Bruce Springsteen and farworm teen boy band One Direction. Singing Tell them hey, give me everything tonight. And, you know, you’ll hear some hip-hop in there. Singing Na na na na na na na. So we have a lot of leeway of what we can do.


DJ Earworm – Music Mashups

It’s funny because I gave them the mix, and they actually asked me what that music was. Nelly Furtado – Free at Night List of all of my mashups. List of all of em. Together As One List of all of my mashups.

Summermash ยด17

Let’s hear this one. Mama List of all of my mashups. The first of many mini-mixes made for the Olympics, played throughout the sporting events.

dj earworm olympics

So he can take this Olympic eearworm By the way, sorry Bruce. July 29, 3: And this one you’ve been hearing? Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Justin Bieber Zedd feat.

dj earworm olympics

You know, out of the blue, there was an email, and they wanted these mixes. No More Gas List of all of my mashups.

dj earworm olympics

Most of the big hits of the moment, mashed for your listening pleasure twitter. So if you watch this – it’s crazy – if you watch the Olympics in Russia, you would not hear that theme song.


Well, because the International Olympic Committee asked him to, to create about 10 different mashup tracks using all kinds of pop songs; to play fj venues, stadiums, arenas – all during the Olympic Games. Her music expresses much hardship and sadness, but also defiance, joy and triumph, and I wanted the mashup to reflect that journey.