The relay is energised as long as the pushbutton is tapped so that the Venetian blind can be reversed in the opposite direction by short impulses. If the weather data message from multisensor MS is not sent for 5 seconds, the FWS61 immediately sends an alarm telegram which is repeated every 30 seconds. No minimum load required. As soon as the alarm is cleared, 2 button NC contact telegrams are sent at an interval of ms. With the patented Eltako Duplex technology DX the normally potential-free contacts can still switch in zero passage when switching V AC 50Hz and therefore drastically reduce wear. A double click below activates snooze function.

eltako fvs-software

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In normal ambient brightness daily average of at least Lux the energy of the integrated solar module is sufficient to power the sensor. The 12V DC connecting cable can then be cut off if necessary. One fvs-softwarre key is included. If a wireless pushbutton rocker, e.

If the telegram is not sent twice in a row, an alarm is tripped: If supply voltage fails, the device is switched off in defined mode.

Press the universal buttons to switch on and off. Typical connection Technical data fcs-software T Function rotary switches This wireless actuator features state-of-the-art hybrid technology that we developed: The starting operation is optimized and adapted to the dimming curve. FTR55D- CH -w Fv-software temperature controller with display for surface mounting and integration in the 60x60mm switch system.


The mini hand-held transmitter FMH2S is also prepared to attach a key ring. Operating modes BA are taught-in: The switching threshold and hysteresis are selectable up to lux.

When wireless brightness sensors FAH60 are taught-in, define the switching threshold separately for each channel using the top rotary switch.

The wireless clock thermostat sends a message to the Elhako wireless network every 50 seconds when there is an actual temperature change of minimum 0. The LED below the upper function rotary switch performs during the teach-in process according to the operating instructions. By exploiting patterns of Bidirectional wireless expands the functions of the wireless actuators by another dimension: If there was a continuous change from sun to rain clouds, the result would be a nervous opening and closing of shading elements.

Both with rawl fvs-sooftware 5x25mm and with 55mm switch boxes. This provides very high switching capacities and the shallow current flow curve protects the connected consumers.

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Wireless pushbuttons with one rocker can transmit two evaluable signals: The telegram on opening the two control contacts is identical like ‘release wireless pushbutton’. The phase coupler increases the capacitive coupling between 2 different outer conductors if, for example, the cables within the installation are not laid in parallel at a distance of at least several metres apart as ribbon cables or jacketed cables.


eltako fvs-software

Off-delay and response lag are adjustable. For colour combinations, the socket intermediate frame SZR is available as a 5-piece set. The point of time of repressing the pushbutton then determines the function which can then be taught-in fvs-soffware the scene pushbutton: Scenes 1 and 3 may have to be taught-in separately.

A telegram is transmitted within 20 seconds if the power status changes by min.

eltako fvs-software

Up to 35 pushbuttons each with 4 functions can be maximal assigned to each channel, of which one or more central pushbuttons. Must be kept for later use!

Eltako FVS Mobile

A off delay of 1 minutes is a fixed setting in the FBH. For the pushbutton and touch button fvs-skftware 55×55 mm and 50×50 mm.

eltako fvs-software

Snooze function universal switch or direction switch on the switch-off side: Shorten the cord to the required length, push it through the red or grey handle and secure it by a double knot.