When he looks at the photographs, he realises that they tell the story of the man who lived in that house. Retrieved 11 September The concept of the video is a continuation of the story of Firdous , which can be decoded by the listener by putting together pieces of the puzzle that are present throughout the album and its packaging. As you found this post useful It acts as the final piece of the puzzle.

firdous coshish

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UK’s Progressive Music Awards: The band is currently [ when? About Contact Us Join the team!

When you do this the album becomes one giant track in which all the sound samples are connected, and the story flows. Retrieved 9 September After a few months, he decides to put his past behind him and still follow his dreams so he moves to the city, finds a job and thinks that he is living his dream.

Now, if all that wasn’t enough, the sequence of the album is not actually correct! Our Most Read Posts. Given that I don’t know the language typical lazy pom I have ascertained all this by going through the various documents sent to me by the band, but it is more than worth retelling here as it definitely adds depth to what is already sonically a very interesting release.


Coshish is a Hindi progressive rock band from Mumbaiformed in Unfortunately, Coshish has been signed to the Universal Music Group label, one of the few conglomerate major labels left in the world there were 6 back when I left the business in the mid 90s.

Coshish – Firdous

Ok, let’s go in India! It is probably these vocals more than anything else that really showcases the Indian element of the band.

Check out the official album promo sampler below: Cirdous hear an album sampler then visit their website at www. I’m an Edinburgh based fiction writer, cat lover, and metal fan.

Coshish – Firdous

I’m firduos a huge fan of the Indian metal scene, which is producing some incredible bands and albums. It acts as the final piece of the puzzle. Our Most Liked posts.

firdous coshish

Firdous musically reminds me of early Porcupine Tree in a way, with a slight alt-rock sound, with some prog-metal flourishes giving it a kick. Retrieved 9 January Retrieved 29 October Hum Hai Yahin 5: Retrieved 10 February Click on a thumb to rate it! Retrieved 20 September Forum user Forum password.


firdous coshish

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One day, a soothsayer tells him that he is meant for coshosh things but he doesn’t understand what that means. Retrieved 16 February So, the main story and concept is that the man in the photographs was a boy from a village who has dreams of moving to the city and making it big.

COSHISH Firdous reviews

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Anthem category and Limelight category. The only way to get the music in the order in which is supposed to be played is by listening to the songs in the date order of the photographs.

The one thing that really concerns me more than anything else is that given that this is a debut what on earth do they come up with a firdouss

firdous coshish

Retrieved 3 September Bhula Do Unhey