After fumbling a trick, he throws his hat away in disgust. Tuesday 23 April Tuesday 24 September Sunday 14 April Tuesday 25 June Monday 1 April When the freight train stops to let a passenger train full of Christmas travelers pass, they disembark in search of somewhere to warm Karen, with Hinkle following in pursuit.

frosty the snowman jimmy durante

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frosty the snowman jimmy durante

Wednesday 7 August Don’t want to see ads? Views Read Edit View history. Sunday 23 June Monday 2 September Saturday 4 May vurante From The Album Play album.

Santa threatens never to give him any Christmas presents for the rest of his life if he ever touches the hat again, then tells him to go home and write his apologies so that he might get a new hat on Christmas morning. By nightfall, Frosty, Karen, and Hocus struggle through the woods. Friday 19 April Monday 5 August Sunday 21 April He was born on a… View full lyrics.


Frosty the Snowman (film) – Wikipedia

Monday 23 September Friday 7 June For the animated TV special, see Frosty the Snowman film. Saturday 22 June Fearing that Karen still cannot survive for long in the cold weather, Frosty asks Hocus who might be able to help them.

Saturday 3 August Frosty the Snowman film. Wednesday 15 May Come a little closer children, I’ve got a story to tell oh gee It’s about a man you’ve heard of, and I knew him well. Friday 6 September While celebrating with the children, Frosty feels the temperature rising and worries he’ll melt.

frosty the snowman jimmy durante

Saturday 20 July Monday 13 May Despite Karen’s objections, Frosty steps inside the warm greenhouse with her, suggesting that he could afford to lose a little weight while she warms up. Wednesday 8 May In other projects Wikiquote.

Frosty the Snowman – Wikipedia

Thursday 5 September Frosty finally says goodbye to the children and comforts them, promising he will be back again someday. Friday 21 June Monday 15 April Thursday 29 August Tuesday 17 September Twitchell Brian Doyle-Murraythe maker of a snow-removal spray.


Tuesday 6 August