Her voice is rather airy and robotic. D It also has a little English on it, so it should display at least the English. Even though human based, Momo still sounds airy and robotic, but not as much as Defoko; her voice sounds softer than her predecessor. He has white hair with winter attire, as illustrated here by mx. The group hopes their UTAUloids will be released by the end of the year and they’re currently working hard recording them.

fuuga koto voicebank

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What UTAU banks do you have downloaded?

Purple shirt and short dark s Luna’s voice is much less airy and robotic than the other UTAU vocaloids, and therefore she has an easier time pronouncing. Is it possible to get the old looney tunes cartoons from the ‘s on dvd?

fuuga koto voicebank

Fan have been known to change her outfit in almost evey video- although the underlining “ninja” feel is a consistency with all of her appearances.

Her character item is a panda. Links to download Vocaloid voicebanks?

Presumably Japanese Ame is a Japanese voicebank encoded in Kana. Are comics for nerds or no? His color scheme is black and green.

fuuga koto voicebank

Pick the latest revision from the uploader site. She wears orange shorts, black boots with an orange stripe around the opening, a long-sleeved black shirt and her character item is a toucan. Come up with a joke?


fuuga koto voicebank

Defoko is the default voice data bank for UTAU. Most are under construction at the moment, the first one Mayashima Anju is set for release on the 11th June, Her item is Castella cake. Be ready to face the consequences for using voicebnak with no soul.

UTAU – Voicebanks from Japan. Wikia

Who is stronger Hercules or Superman? Unfortunately, the joke was not able to catch on and many people did not fall for it like Teto’s. Sister of Renzi Soune. August 20th Mako is also human based. She wears a white headphone set with a giant white bow in her hair like Rin Kagamine but bigger. Another attempted joke fuuag, made by 2ch to trick users into thinking she is the third Vocaloid release of Crypton, just koot Teto. The rules for her are unknown so please do not use her in any disrespectful way.

He has dark blue hair and eyes.

Where can I download koto fuuga’s voicebank? | Yahoo Answers

She is voiced by Nanahira. Her voice can be heard here and here.

The group hopes their UTAUloids will be released by the end of the year and they’re currently working hard recording them. Luna’s eyes are blue and her hair is blond and wavy. Not much is known about them at the moment, however information can be found at the official website here.


She was originally designed as an April Fools joke by 2ch users to trick Nico Nico Douga users into thinking she was a new Vocaloid from Crypton Future Media her company’s name was Crviptonbut was eventually turned into an independent character.

Where can I download koto fuuga’s voicebank?

Hope you find an link to download them Owned and operated by Kitsunojo and mx, they were the first to design a group to distribute high-quality UTAU voicebanks. Fuyga is her full picture. Dark red hair with the rainbow coloured curl on the right side.

It’s difficult to navigate through half- translated Japanese, thanks to Google Chrome.