When Years, It’s very Popularity by many Korean students! In our country way before, they relaunched it one more time, but sadly, it received the same fate. Honestly, the only places left are asian countries such as Japan, Thailand and Taiwan, but I have not played on those servers. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Most popularity system is a 2: Want to add to the discussion?

getamped thai lan

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getamped thai lan

Both times it died because server costs were too high compared to the profits, and was starting to get impossible to mantain the services up and running. You can check it out here https: When Years, It’s very Popularity by many Korean students! I’m from Brazil, and it died getampde in our country. Most popularity system is a 2: Part of me wants the old days when there are so many players, and it’s enjoyable.

Sasori – Samurai immortal – Anime: In GetAmped2, you can freely customize your character or apply skins. You can create your own skins through the skin maker, or buy one from Skin Forest.


Want to add to the discussion? First time while owned by Hive, and the second one while mantained in here by Cyberstep itself. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I’m here just to confirm if my favorite yhai of all time Not GetAmped 2, that one is lame still alive somewhere.

getamped thai lan

I will no longer search for skins and post them on my site, because i simply cant do that anymore. Role Playing, Fantazy, Adventure, Fighting. I spent so much money on it, having over weapons.

Getamped Skin Korea

Is it alive somewhere? I did not play it in North America, nor playing it atm. Maybe someday we will se each other in a GetAmped or SplashFighters battlefield.

You can upload skins onto the Skin Forest so other people can see it. A jogabilidade do get nunca vai ser superada. Genre All of Games Have a endemic Genre.

Getamped Skin Korea

I actually have to come through was interested to see the movie. It actualy surprises me that people still play it. It’s Popularity is Steadily Decreased. The beta came out late Nov in SEA region and some selected countries through lots of facebook posts. In NA they took it down a number of years ago. Anyways, GA lives for 15 years now, I simply hope this game won’t die in 3 years and better someone else like Tencent own it.


I guess it is because Shengda didn’t operat it well. But, Getamped is a little Different. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Choice a Character, Weapon, Skin.

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Watch Later Getamped skin phby abpetproductions. Only time will tell, and hope yet remains. I mean, it’s playable and a enjoyable if you try hard enough, but GA1 is better at everything.