A Dutch ‘allstar-band’ recorded the songs and different vocalists do the singing part oa singers of Uppercut, Backfire, Discipline and Tech 9. This CD will be in stores at 14 April. For now I wanna wish everybody a good year and I hope the world will become a better place in We’ll keep you posted about a release-data but you can check out the song right now on this site! Heideroosjes crew has had a serious accident on their way to the releaseparty in Brussels 8th Feb.

heideroosjes damclub hooligan mp3

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This album is musically samclub interesting and give pleasure from beginning till end. I hope you stick to Heideroosjes and keep on supporting us. Without you we are nothing.

Heideroosjes lyrics

It’s mainly to promote Dutch bands in Germany. Recently Marco recorded vocals for a Misfits-tribute album which will be released in Februari Here’s already a small selection of reviews.

After the release of our new album in February we will tour our asses off all over the world.


heideroosjes damclub hooligan mp3

Last week Heideroosjes shot a video for the upcoming single ‘Damclub Hooligan’. Next year dakclub not know yet the compilation-cd will be released in Germany. For now I wanna wish everybody a good year and I hope the world will become a better place in They offer more than just 3-chord-punkrock See you all in ! It’s a very funny video and even kids-without-a-sense-of-humor can’t hide a smile when seeing it. But that’s only in his mind.

Heideroosjes free mp3 music for listen or download online –

Read it on http: We’re proud to tell you they’re all positive! The van is total loss, the instruments are gone as well. At this moment it’s not sure when damclkb band will start playing again.

You can also download this song somewhere on this website. Frank did an interview with the german e-zine Waste of Mind.


The single will be released 5 December but the video will be available half November. Download the MP3 file! It takes expertise to melt their different styles together as one, beautiful piece. The idea behind this cd-project is Dutch bands doing one damclyb in German language.


More stories will follow soon! The first reviews of the new album come in at this moment. German funniest and best looking?

Two crewmembers had light injuries, guitarroadie Eelco was seriously injured and is still in the hospital. This CD will be in stores at 14 April. Last year we worked hard and put all our effort into our 8th album. Not re-electing Bush jr would be a good start for example.

heideroosjes damclub hooligan mp3

These guys are unstopable! And they did it! Heideroosjes want to thank all our fans for another great year. We want to truly let you know we appreciate your support to our band.