Here is what you should do. Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. I don’t use it not, but I did about a year ago before I got my new rig. I had heard that it wasn’t compatible with the newer ENBs, but it worked fine for me

hi algo boost

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It works with games which use DirectX 9.

HiAlgo Boost Download (Free) –

To be sure, try other scenes: My screen was like flashing and it was terrible, then I The gamer feels it as a slight stuttering. First, framerate is not expected to increase in static scenes when camera is not turning.

hi algo boost

My old pc amazingly for a 7 year old laptop ran skyrim at about 20fps. The Basics of Mod Creation! We call on all game providers — developers, publishers and distributors — to recognize legitimacy of HiAlgo apps, white-list them and not ban gamers who are using them. Please enable JavaScript wlgo your browser settings.

Using Mods

This way, by appropriately trading-off between graphical quality and performance, BOOST delivers a significantly improved gameplay experience.


Also, the blurriness that you’re talking about, is that when you’re moving? I had heard that it wasn’t compatible with the newer ENBs, but it worked fine for me We reduce only the resolution, and do not change the sequence or amount of GPU instructions although this may change in the future.

We agree with and abide by alo policy. I uninstalled though in case it messes something up later down the line. It makes my laptop very hot.

Everything you need to know about the Creation Kit! This processing takes time and may cause an extra lag in the beginning of the scene. Regarding Skyrim Special Edition Guides and Resources List A comprehensive hhi of many guides and resources covering a wide variety of topics. We are on the map!

So, during fast-paced moments of the game, BOOST lowers the rendering resolution, causing the framerate and responsiveness to noticeably increase.

Help please B Ps. Enter your video clip URL below: Just my luckI suppose.

If not, your framerate is limited by CPU, at least in the scene you are currently in. Well, usually you download EXE file and run it on your computer.


As you have read, whenever I open Warface I am usually greeted with a window asking me if I would like to activate the program, although after the Screenshots in the context of asking for help are acceptable. Because that’s how it works HiAlgo apps use code-injection technology to get attached to the game, therefore they may be confused for cheats by anti-cheat software.

As someone with a very mediocre PC GT graphics cardit’s a lifesaver. I can’t use ENBs anyway, so I don’t have any issues, and it lets me use tons of non-graphics boosting mods without only getting 10 fps.

hi algo boost

Install and run some FPS-monitoring app, like Apgo. Yeah I installed it from the website page Yeah I can run the Hialgoboost is honestly the only mod I can’t play without.

This is not debatable. I don’t use it not, but I did about a year ago before I got my new rig.