NET bit application on a bit Windows server in bit mode? Groupwise 7 on Windows 7 64 bit I wish to install a Groupwise 7 client on Windows 7 64 bit. I’m contemplating getting Windows 7 for various reasons I’d rather not discuss here , and am wondering whether to go bit or bit. Invalid property value” or “Error reading Label Does anyone encounter the same problem?


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Web resources about – JSS4. Recipients should refer to the policies or contract to determine proper handling. For other uses, see Window disambiguation I read through a few articles about trying to repair Grub using GParted and I gave it a shot.

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I looked at the jss4. Best install on 32 bit or 64 bit Windows VM?


Will Delphi crosscompile to 64 bit once the 64 bit version is out? Ignoring virtualisation and all that. Also, what does the II V mean?

I just want use JSS 4. Use, storage and transmission are governed by General Dynamics and its policies.


JSS setup incorrectly? Cryptomanager will not initialize.

I’m the moderator of this list. Ran through the install without, what I thought, a hitch. It just not there. It seems you’re compiling against one version of the library and running against an older version, in which the setSSLDefaultOption int,int method is not defined.

Re: jss4.dll for 64 bit windows 7

My question now is: The DB itself is bit neutral. The GW jss4.ll itself is working well, but not together with Outlook. I just want use the JSS and not compile it.

Could you please give what are the steps to be taken care and how do I start with Do I have to first upgrade to bit Microsoft kept the rights in lieu of royalties from IBM. Contractual restrictions apply to third parties. But I am planning to add a 32 bit Windows VM and was wondering whether Delphi would run better or at least equally well on 32 bit Windows.


Suggestions are highly appreciated. What might be useful, if it is possible, would be being able to detect a bit processor when running bit windows and take advantage of that to speed up some calculations. Thank you Ramirez, Marcio On 22 out, Let me know if you are interested. IIV means a sjs4.dll method taking two int parameters. Is there a 64 bit version of the Groupwise 7 client?


Mozilla – Cryptography – Re: for 64 bit windows 7

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Jss44.dll remembered installing first Outlook and then Groupwise is a good idea. I would also be interested in the bit 4. I’m trying to get some NSS code working and I’m getting this error: Tabbed browsing is nice, but I need to seperate browser windows available too. How do we handle problem users?

Can it run with no problem if I install it on jsss4.dll computer with windows 64 bits and Interbase XE 64 bits?