Your book was a big help in getting me going with the EV3 system. What about a self-balancing F1 style race car? I downloaded both the GyroBoy 2 and Gyroboy 3 program to my Mac. The robot is slightly more nervous than the qyroboy. Or have i make something wrong? To make the Balanc3r work, I had to rearrange a few items in your building instructions. Read carefully the instructions:

lego mindstorms ev3 gyro boy program

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Do you know how I can fix this? It reverts back to your code. Wondering if you were able to make it work with simulink? Your code is able to compensate for the load and it runs just fine.

lego mindstorms ev3 gyro boy program

The text in your content seem to be runnning off the screeen in Chrome. I today finally downloaded the gyro boy programm to a windows pc and renamed it – now I was able to download it to my brick and my GyroBoy is working like a charm!

lego mindstorms ev3 gyro boy program

Save my name, email, and website in this browser evv3 the next time I comment. The Gyro Sensor should be connected to input port 2, regardless of which sensor you use.


lego mindstorms ev3 gyro boy program

Make your robot drive around a room while avoiding obstacles with the Infrared Sensor in Proximity mode. Whenever i open prpgram i have saved, the changes i had made are no longer in the code.

Tutorial: Self-Balancing EV3 Robot

To do this, unplug mindstoms sensor from the brick, and plug it back in. Is this just a constant? Nice to hear from you.

Be sure to double check the cables, and position the robot on the ground yyro indicated when you start the program. When I hold down both forward buttons, it moves forward for about a second, and then slows. Building a robot To begin, choose the robot you want to build, and follow the respective step-by-step building instructions. I built my Gyro buy, loaded the Gyro Boy-Basic Tested it, and… there was first beep then second… i waited a little gyr and the robot wenta little right and then straight full speed forward falling down….

No I need to tune the parameters… BR Al. You may be interested in using and referencing my newer code instead https: Gyro Boy Program Thank you so much!

Tutorial: Self-Balancing EV3 Robot – Robotsquare

Then start the program, and at the first beep you should leave it and it will find its balance. I have the EV3 with updated firm. My Gyro boy will not balance and the programming I am using is the one you linked.


I am a 4th grader teacher and we are very new to the EV3 set. I run my robot on a rectangular 3ft by 6 ft board with 4 inch walls. Wondering if you were able to make it work? You have to do it on your own. Basically i should have a Balanc3r that stands in place. It must have been something I experimented with but I forgot to delete it in the end.

Gyro Boy Program – FIRST Forums

Last edited by FLY ; Originally posted by Dean Hystad View Post. I believe you can find the program by following Step 3. I just have a small doubt about the algorithm:. This does not gjro every time, so try many times until you get it right. My question is now: Frustrating — so prompt reply appreciated.