Set the optional signal of the desired channel to be DTMF. This is one of the best hand helds I have ever owned. ALL Chinese programming cables have fake chips in them and require older drivers to make them work correctly. Page 36 2 Priority Transmit TX. Of course, since Windows is smarter than us humans, it will automatically install the newest non-working driver it can find.

maas aht-6-uv software

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This is one of the best hand helds I have ever owned. Despite the remarkable low price the radio is professionally manufactured and has a rich set of accessories. Unfortunately, the shipment of Wouxun radios is delayed.

Review: Wouxun KG-UV6D / Maas AHTUVGruppa L

Helpful tool for a. For repeater use you can set the channel to send one frequency but receive on an other for example. Easy to softwaree on the fly. Master radio sending messages when in wired cloning Deputy radio receiving and storing messages when in wired cloning Steps of wired clone The deputy radio normally power on.


maas aht-6-uv software

You can either configure the radio and program all the channels directly on the radio or use an external programming cable. Comments to this Manuals Your Name: On my computer, it was COM Input the ID code and then save it after finishing it. However Ed does seem to have no problems with his no frills policy on dealing with his softwxre.

Wouxun Handheld Radio

The internal microphone is located here. Set the optional signal of the desired channel to be MSK.

This is because Prolific, the maker of the chip that the Chinese copied, released a driver that softwqre not work with the Chinese cables. A great dual band Ham portable: Guarantee Guarantee Model Number: These links will take you to Jim Mitchell’s web site to download the software.

Maas AHT-9-UV User Manual

You must be logged in to post a comment. Select the channel with 5-tone signal. Don’t alter the guarantee card, please coufirm the serial number on the guarantee card is same as that on the machine.

If I lost this radio I would purchase another tomorrow. I love this radio.

maas aht-6-uv software

I usually carry the radio in a pouch strapped on the back. Due to its bulky case the radio looks larger softdare it really is. Another feature, which is definitely worth mentioning, is the speech output.


Great receiver and transmitter range: However the official software from Wouxun is not that great and a bit buggy.

Wouxun Software Download – Baofeng Software Download

Picked up this little jewel and love it so far. AHTUV allows you to receive the sub band signal even if you are working on the operating band. Instead of the frequency an aht-6-iv name can be displayed. If cloning succeeds, the master radio returns to the clone preparation state, and it lights orange.

maas aht-6-uv software

All accessories fit well on this device. A Tone is Hzno need to input in another Tone.

When using the keypad an english voice announcement supports the user, this is a helpful feature for visually impaired operators. Page 45 Function 2: