This weekend I found the first glitch. I looked at the compatible device list and it doesn’t mention anything about PDAs as such, as far as I could see. I have yet to try it on my Nokia N It ;s not that McGuider is very broken or unusable, but it has glitches that should be fixed. Then it displays the other possibilities for letters depending of the different choicec that exist.

mcguider navigation

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I have never add this with Tomtom.

Another thing that is quite boring is the slowness of mcgider “search” when planing a trip. The route is planned quickly enough and the instructions in use were clear both on screen and through the voice commands. Are the maps TeleAtlas I installed it in a Samsung SGH i phone, and it worked quite well.

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It can take 30sec to see the whole possibilities and it doesn’t let you override the search results. No single company can test their software on all existing hardware.

These, however, are a minor gripes compared to the main problem which is the buggy software.

mcguider navigation

United Kingdom 5 Posts. Laissez un commentaire Suggestions. Sometimes McGuider fails to recognize a manoeuvre on route, and gives no voice instructions.

mcguider navigation

It’s compatible with the Samsung SGH-i x screen. So all is now fine, but there must be some mcguiderr way! This weekend I found the first glitch.


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I had to scan the product code and email it to them. Product page on the McGuider website: They said at first I should insert the blank new 8gb card in the phone, then open McGuider, and go to Settings, Switch Map and my phone would then show a Device Code, which I should tell them on the phone and they would give me the Activation Code.

Lots of questions, thanks in advance!

I did this with some difficulty because my card reader would not recognise the SDHC format of the 8gb card as opposed to the SD format of the 2gb card.

Edited by – igalan on 30 mcguidder I’ve not tested POI warnings yet. I mcbuider now say goodbye to TomTom Navigator 6 and the outdated map that I have. Thanks for starting this new topic, I added a picture and a link to their website.

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I guess this is how you keep the costs down. The menus and available options are very similar to those of TomTom Navigator, so those familiars with it will have no trouble. Alerts work quite good navigtaion I see flickering when a POI is mcguuider, so if you don’t put any alert, you can miss the POI on the screen for ex a speed trap can not be displayed at all, but if you add alert, it always rings at the good time.

So I will be trying McGuider on a longer trip soon to see how well it stacks up against my TomTom in the meantime here are the pros and cons as I see them:.


Drogenbos starting road “B” always in the very small town of Drogenbos to Paris gave me itineraire navigatoin with a 15km difference The procedure is the same: Sometimes, if you plan 2 times the same trip with a starting point with a m difference, it gives you 2 different road Drogenbos starting road “A” to Paris gave me itineraire 1. What version and build number does the software have?

Sygic mcguider 7.71 navigatore gps

Keep us posted on your discovery of the software, I seem to remember reading about tools to import POIs, have you tried to do that already, this is one of the best features of TomTom, especially compared to iGO. The TeleAtlas website says I should telephone TeleAtlas to get the necessary details to transfer the contents of the card.

The program is similar to TomTom Navigador: However, if you are new to this then I suggest you pay the extra and get one with a manual.