April 11, Aadhirai Na. A R Rahman Lyricist: Mulumathy avalathu mugamagum video. A delight to hear and ponder. Jodha is a fiery Rajput princess who is obliged to marry Mughal Emperor Akbar for political reasons. Ostensibly, the season is spring Love is surprised to see that

muzhumathi avalathu mukhamaakum song

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Full moon would be her face Jasmine would be her fragrance Lightning would be her mkkhamaakum Silence would be her language Dew drops of winter would be voice Deer calf of the fragrant forests would be her walks.

Mulumathi Avalathu Mugamaagum video Mind blowing Lyrics. She is indeed the island of the sea, untouched hitherto, In its fragrant sands, I wished to be a floral shrub.

Mulumathy Avalathu Mugaam Mp3 Song download from |

I saw her one day and asked for her heart as boon She did give but immediately took it back and went away! For more 30 sec whatsapp status please do subscribe and don’t forget to press the bell botton Link Kaalthadave pathiaaka Kadaltheevu avalthaane Athen vaasanai manalil poochediyaaka ninaithen Kettathume marakaatha Mellisayum avalthaane Athen pallavi charanam purinthu maonathil nindren. Jodha Akbar Manmohana tamil version HD video.

Unexpected Jam is always the best: Just Sitting at Home A delight to hear and ponder. As sleep caressed my head, I rested under a tree.


muzhumathi avalathu mukhamaakum song

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muzhumathi avalathu mukhamaakum song

Jodhaa Akbar – Food Tasting Scene – Tamil video Jodhaa Akbar traces the impressive graph of the mighty emperor with the defiant princess from the battlefield where the young Jalaluddin was crowned, through She being one shore, and me being the other shore, In between gushes the river of solitude.

Arikil irundhaaloru nibidam Tholayvil therinthaal maru nibidam Kankalil marayum poimaan pol odukiraai Avalukkum enakkum naduvinile thiraiyondru therindhathu ethirinile Mugham moodi aninthaal mukhangal therinthiduma?

[Jodhaa Akbar] Muzhumathi avalathu – Lyrical Delights

Sections of this page. Jodha agbar Hindi movie Edited: Is it possible for the hands to fish in the waters of mirage? Nikazhkaalam naduve vedikkai paarkkirathey. Iam just add telugu audio to hindhi video song. Amaiyidhiyudan aval vandhaal Viralhkalai naan piduthu konden Pala vaanavil paarthen vazhiyil thodarndhathu payanam Urakkam vandhen thalaikotha Marathadiyil ilaipaari Kan thiranthen avalum illai kasanthathu mukhamaaakum.

Download Mulumathy Avalathu Mugaam Song from Jodhaa Akbar

Hi Friends Earn Money from Amazon. List of translated songs! Easy Way to Earn Jodhaa-Akbar is an Indian epic historical drama film released on 15 February I do not own either of these songs. Mulumathy avaladhu mugamagum -Thandavam version video Video: Nayanthara fan made video for Muzhumathi song from Jodha akbar.


Like Comment Share All the posts that you like Subscribe our channel to get more latest updates SampathCreations tamilwhatsappstatus One of the best melodies of ARRahman in the voices of Srinivas. Jodhaa Akbar [] Direction: Jodha Akbar Tamil Music: Rahman Muzhumathi avalathu mukhamaakum Mallikai avalathu manamaakum Minnalkal avalathu vizhiyaakum Mounangal avalathu mozhiyaakum Maargazhi maathathin panithuli avalathu kuralaakum Makarandha kaatin maankutty avalathu nadayaakum Avalai oru naal naan paarthen Idhayam koduyena varam ketten Athu koduthaal udane eduthe chendruvittaal O.

[Jodhaa Akbar] Muzhumathi avalathu

Click here to read some interesting comparison to a poem of John Keats. She was by my side, in that minute, Muzhumaathi appeared afar, in the next minute. Maargazhi maathathin panithuli avalathu kuralaakum Makarandha kaatin maankutty avalathu nadayaakum Avalai oru naal naan paarthen Idhayam koduyena varam ketten Athu koduthaal udane eduthe chendruvittaal.