Then move on to , , etc. Watch out of our awful brother as well. At the left side under the chair you see a crowbar. Note that on the wall where the blue dot is, a combination has now been changed to match your answer. Exit the game and restart it. The door knob is on the lower right corner, in front of the red horse, it’s very hard to see. You now have to go back over the whole manor and find the other eight hearts.

mystery case files return to ravenhearst walkthrough

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When you click on the well on the right, the only thing you can do is try to turn the handle to bring up the bucket, but when you do, you get a message that says, “It won’t turn.

Do you hear me? Click on the apparatus that is on the lower right side of the coffin and a mini game will appear.

Use the spare key to enter the house. Click the control pad at the right bottom side. Something to clip the flower with; something to give to the cat; something to release the rope with in the well; and a clue to the ‘bendy’ guy on the door to the shed outside. Just a fun tip, when you move your cursor around, the eyes will move around to follow it. Look for objects at the top of the tram. The old fuse belongs in the fuse box that is in the General Store.


It will be copied into your book, but I advise that you note it on paper.

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Walkthrough |

Once all the bugs are gone you will see the phone wire puzzle appear. Then click on the corresponding number on the keypad. Take it for your inventory.

We will be coming back to that later as we do not have the proper tools to complete this task as yet. Go into the bathroom. We must mystwry that we are forever tied to him so he may continue to be free. I am at the door of Charles Room and have placed all 10 hearts plus the gold one and the door wall will not open. Beauty Parlor, bathroom, medical cabinet, use golden key to open it.

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst – FAQ/Walkthrough

Now click the lens at the right upper side of the telescope to get a closer look. Take the rusty knife out of the bucket. This is a clue that will be needed for something later in the game. JI – you have to use the long stick you have to reach it off the hook. The doorknob is rravenhearst the bottom in the middle and will go into the inventory. I believe the answers here change each game too.


mystery case files return to ravenhearst walkthrough

Nevermind post and solve. Click the screws with the screwdriver.

Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhearst Walkthrough Part 2 – Jessica Michele Taylor blog

Grab the telecope out of the trunk and go back to Victor’s bedroom. Windows license required, of course.

mystery case files return to ravenhearst walkthrough

Click on the left side where you see the sparkly lights and search for the hidden objects. Click here for more information. Click the paravant to enter the search scene. Staircase once you get the torn canvas from outside the graveyard, zoom in on the painting again rotate the heads if necessary so door flips and put the piece of torn canvas back in the corner.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? They will ask you, “Have you seen my mommy?

You now see symbols of a raven’s head.