Tu, esti vocea ce-o ascult Esti chemarea de demult Ce ma face sa nu-mi apartin, nu mai sunt eu Nu mai e nimic al meu, esti tu Every rose has its thorn Just like every night has its dawn Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song Every rose has its thorn Yeah it does I listen to our favorite song Playing on the radio Hear the dj say loves a game of easy come and Easy go But I wonder does he know Has he ever felt like this And I know that youd be here right now If I could have let you know somehow I guess Chorus Though its been a while now I can still feel so much pain Like a knife that cuts you the wound heals But the scar, that scar remains Solo I know I could have saved a love that night If Id known what to say Instead of makin love We both made our separate ways But now I hear you found somebody new And that I never meant that much to you To hear that tears me up inside And to see you cuts me like a knife I guess. All the dreams we held so close seemed to all go up in smoke Let me whisper in your ear: Hear me Hear me Hear me Can you hear me? Akon [Krayzie] talking Bone thugs.. Sa ai familie, sa torni “n” jeguri de copii Sa nu fumezi, sa nu bei, droguri sa nu iei. A better way, better way, YEAH-AHHHH [Big T] I hit the highway Everything’s my way, I par-le Everyday all day, ain’t no way Boys can’t stop as i slide through your neighborhood Chop chop chop, headed straight to the top I only play to win — bout to close up shop Showstoppin dead end, pimp the pen once again Peep the message I send Take these levels that you devils can’t comprehend Big bout it Benz — as I floss through the south Big blue lens — now whatcha talkin about?

nimeni nu doarme robotzi

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Si degeaba te strig din nou Jack Back – What 2 Say I wonder how we can survive this romance but in the end if I’m with you I’ll take the chance. And I know that it’s a wonderful world But I cant feel it right now, I thought i was doing well but I just want to cry now, Well I know that its a wonderful world from the sky down to the sea, but I can only see when you’re here, here with me.


D Imi place foarte tare! Yes, it was such an operation, forever paying every due Hell, you made a sensation sensation You found a way through found a way through One by one Only the good die young They’re only flying too close to the sun We’ll remember Forever And now the party must be over, I guess we’ll never understand The sense of your leaving, was it the way it was planned?

nimeni nu doarme robotzi

Ref [Jhivago] De parca de parca, de parca nu ma mai vrea Universul. One life, but niemni not the same. Alexen Sesiune de inregistrari: I feel you creeping on, I robitzi see from my shadow Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo Maybe go to my place and just kick it like tabo and posibbly bend you over look back and watch me [Chorus 2x ] [Eminem: Danyka Nadeau — For You In schimb au zile cu soare si vile la mare!

Goodbye Papa please pray for me I was the black sheep of the family You tried to teach me right from wrong Too much wine and too much song Wonder how I got along. I said it’s happening again! Bengales Ian x Azteca – Colectez Versuri – feat. Un las, un prost, Credeam ca-i simplu Un om, o viata si un rost Pe care acum cred ca nu-l pot gasi Mi se cere un cost pe care cred ca nu-l pot plati Si nici macar furios nu mai sunt Doar cand, hipnotizat de neputinta Resemnarea e singura mea credinta Si n-as sti ce sa-ti cer Chiar daca mi-ai putea indeplini o dorinta Asa ca lasa-ma singur in ger Esti singurul inger care imi face rau Doar durerea alearga drumul meu si-al tau Nu tiam cerut prearea Nu-mi pasa ce crezi Si stiu ca o sa inchizi ochii atunci cand n-o sa-ti mai placa ce vezi Viata, cum iti permiti tu sa ma inveti ce inseamna sa pierd Cand tu nu pierzi niciodata E ca si cum un om fericit ar preda suferinta intr-o scoala ciudata.

Doarje, de ce ti-e frica nu mai ai cum sa scapi: Nu pot sa cred cat de mult abuzeaza unii moderatori Kris Kiss – Shuttin It Down Bai fratilor,da’ voua numa’ versuri d-astea va plac? Cred ca sunt versuri de manea,din cate imi dau eu seama. Get a job, ya bum!


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How long, how long must we sing this song? P cred ca era cazul sa revin: Nu pleca nu spune nu Nimsni pleca nu spune nu Nu pleca nu spune nu Lasa-ma pe mine sa-ti arat, Lasa-ma sa te invat ce se intampla acum cu tine, Frica nu tine cu mine, Frica nu tine cu noi, Frica nu tine cu tine… Animalele traiesc printre noi… Refren Sembra niente eobotzi il coure era il mio Poi c’eri tu Scuipa-ma, moarte dulce Voi fi un frumos cadou Pentru niste viermi frumosi Viermi amabili, viermi frumosi.

Nicu Alifantis – Rar G. And as you quicken up your pace You roboyzi it hard to look again Because youre sure theres someone there Watching horror films the night before Debating wiches and folklore The unkown troubles on your mind Maybe your mind is playing tricks You sense and suddenly eyes fix On dancing shadows from behind Fear of the dark, fear of the dark I have a constant fear that someones always near Fear of the dark, fear of the dark I have a phobia that someones allways there When Im walking a dark road I am a man who walkes alone.

nimeni nu doarme robotzi

Geea isi arunca pruncii la ghena Precum o cangrena Tara nimanui ne-nvaluie, conceptul de maine se naruie Si de sub maine, aud cum se stinge ultimul acord de Stradivarius A fost Erectus, Sapiens, urmeaza Nefarius. Per vederti mi bastano gli occhi lucidi. Vezi-ti de spam-ul tau.

Schimb de vicii, nimic anormal Caut incontinuu o ieshire din banal Nu posed Azi ma mai distrez o data Ultima oare si gata Ti-o jur. Da cin’ te-o pus sa te? Doamne, cat de mult poate sa-mi placa