I know it’s not for MMO! To make one thing clear at the beginning: I must admit that the demo game on the site is very well done. It’s a system where you loose all your time on menus instead of watching action and playing. For or i think i would buy it! Mar 26, Posts: A lot of users use C because it has amazing editor support, and the backing of a “true” language

okashi rpg kit 1.2.4

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ORK Okashi RPG Kit – Asset Store

You’ll get both JavaScript and C versions when purchasing. Something like in the game TorchLight for examplewith some ready to use 2D panels and all 2D stuff! Do you have an approximate of how much the addons will be? Some sort working game coming with Oblivion o,ashi kit like in a very simple way!

okashi rpg kit 1.2.4

HansNov 10, Well good luck with your kit! Nov 8, Posts: RyuMasterNov 8, RoySNov 12, Or is that impossible? HansNov 11, My eyes have been giving me a spot of trouble recently and was the main cause for my lack of sitting down and doing work.


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I will also wait for the c version. Editors ORK extends the functionality of Unity with a massive amount of editors, components and prefabs to create gameplay typical for a role playing game. Get your game on the road with this intuitive RPG maker!

okashi rpg kit 1.2.4

Good luck with it. The main problem I am having is that the logic is quite easy to code, but deciding what functionality people would require and implement it, that is the biggest hurdle. HansNov 8, Sep 2, Posts: Dec 13, Posts: But I appreciate your comments, maybe the kit will one okasgi deliver what you need – this is just the first step on a long road: Just change a setting in the editor or how an attacks damage is calculated in the node-based formula editor.

It’s just a matter of how to display the information – the base behind it is the same.

I know it’s not for MMO! ORK is available in C script version. Follow this link klt read a short overview of the editors of ORK also contains screenshots: Sep 21, Posts: Box but be able to navigate the box via die slider control or via up-down button presses. I’m happy to announce that the Web Player now is officially supported!


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This week I started working on a custom control that would allow you to display icons in a scrollable GUI. So you can just imagine, me sitting in front of that rgp bright iMac with my eye dpg like this That’s what comes with menu and shop system addon. Will buy it when you have the C version out OR If we buy know do we get a free upgrade to the C version?

Xbox, PlayStation 3, Wiithey are yet untested and not officially supported. I just gave my point of view I work in programming, i find 8 months incredibly big for simple parametrable things!!!!!!!!!!