Victory to Mother Sai Saraswati: Victory to Gopala, son of Nanda! All Devotees Those are come to tirupati for darshan. Without Your shelter and tender care we are just orphans. Chant the name of Sai, who loves all religions and who is the embodiment of all religions. We stand at Your door step, help us cross the ocean of samsaara. He loves to dance.

ramaneeya telugu devotional songs

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Chant the name of Sai Narayana of Brindavana, chant the name of the Lord. Victory to You, Sai Gopala. Lotus-eyed Lord Sai, Effulgent Lord of Gods who bestows salvation, whose body is of infinite blue colour like the sky, peaceful Lord, who bestows fearlessness.

O son of Shiva, bless us. O Lord of Mira and Radha! Devotiional grant me Your darshan.

Blessed Krishna, You are the One who charms the most desirable, You crush the serpent demon of ignorance. Continually medidate upon Rama, the One who saved Ahalaya, and the One who is full of Grace to the downtrodden.

Sathya Sai International Organization – USA

Hey man, chant in your mind, the Holy name, sing the name of Sathya Devktional Ram. Thou art the embodiment of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati. Thou art Grantor of great wisdom. You are the supreme Goddess, the ancient One, the embodiment of supreme Bliss. O Krishna, darling son of Nanda, Radha’s beloved who steals butter, Dweller of the mind and heart of Mira, You have now appeared in Parthi to delight Your devotees.


Thou wander about with pleasure on the banks of the holy river Yamuna. Victory to You, Sai Krishna in Your efforts to redeem mankind. Krishna, charming son of Nanda, God incarnate, gaurdian of all embodied souls, enchanter of the mind with the deep blue complexion, delight of the cowherd devotees of Brindavan, the child of Gokul, we sing your glory.

Rama’s Name has unusual power.

ramaneeya telugu devotional songs

Please take care of every step it Sails. He is also in the form of Lord Sathya Sai. Sing in praise of our adored lotus-eyed Sai Krishna, the consort of Radha.

Show me Thy Grace and take me under Your shelter and grant me fearlessness. For the unhappy hearts, He is happiness.

ramaneeya telugu devotional songs

Chant the names of Lord: Chant the mantra ‘Om Nama Shivaya’. You are the uplifter of the whole world. Protect me, O Lord Paanduranga!

This is a naamavali of Lord Krishna’s names – the beloved Lord Sai Krishna who plays the flute, the one who destroyed the demon Madhu, the most beautiful boy, the One who removes our fears, the Lord of the Universe.


Victory to Lord Sai Ram, who dwells in Puttaparthi.

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Victory to Thee Mother- the embodiment of bliss! Praise to Mother Sai, Mother of all the worlds. You are the Lord of Shirdi and Parthi, Lord of entire creation. Thou art unsurpassably auspicious; so also degotional ‘birth’ of auspicious Sai Lingam on the sacred night of Shivarathri.

– Namo Bhuthanadha Songs

Gauri, our auspicious Divine mother, spouse of Shiva in the form of Sai, Mother of all worlds, queen of queens, Ocean of compassion and supreme bestower of grace. O Lord of Parthi! Telugu offers telugu devotional songs online.