The Fleer will win when the roundtime is over and at least one Player is still alive. Protocol version 48 Exe version 1. Sign in or join with: So, here, plugin gave me these errors? ID [2] Name [C. I don’t know what’s the actual problem, but in certain maps.


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I hope everything is understood. Nop it dont work. No, these settings semiclip.amxxx no meaning for windows server. Jun 5 News Did you rent a server and have problems to install Catchmod on it?

HideNSeek [ Semiclip ], v

But I can see only one version of regame dll on forums. Why is this not possible? One thing you really may have missed in Catchmod since we have semiclip activated is teamplay.

The lower the value – the higher the load for CPU.


Can you attach the ini file as it is? Link to Catchmod 4. Semiflip.amxx secure mode is activated. This problem occurs most likely, because mapper add few brashes into one entity.


I tried to code it into CS: I thought of a sourceversion though. I have Small maps Server and I use multiple maps on it plugin bans on some of smiclip.amxx maps, not all and only some players, not all even they don’t have even any aimbot. For bug reporting instructions, please see: The positive thing with the improved semiclip was that you will not even get blocked by other players if you are jumping arround at high speeds.

Init MaxClients ‘0’ Globals ’32’. Rank 10, of 39, ID [2] Name [C. Protocol version 48 Exe version 1.

Yes, all perfectly works. But the problem occurs only in few maps!!!


And Thanks For The Help.!! No files were found matching the criteria specified. And another great news is that Catchmod semiclip.wmxx is possible to create fakekills that can be catched by the usual CS amxx statistical plugins. Guest Mar 19 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Source the past days, but the Source-Engine does not allow the same feeling like in 1.


No, you must disable it to my plugin works fine. So you will see more on your screen without srmiclip.amxx the ability to break enteties: After Doing All These Changes: You need to set maxplayers in server launch parameters.

Escapers Zone

Are his ‘former values’ saved? A special thanks here to the active people in the forum alliedmods. Same issue here with the official 1.