Bar Boot Bonus Track. Taraf – Shukar Collective. Romani people in Romania. Shukar Collective – 04 – Gipsy Blooz. Oh, Mother Bonus Track. Malademna Blanoz Distruzos Popa-Shari mix. Top Tracks Top Artists.

shukar collective lautarium

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Mamo – Bonus Track.

Inthe group was the subject of an HBO documentary. Romani people in Romania. Verbal Fight Bonus Track.

Sound Travels Sunday: Balkan Beats

Muzica n-are culoare Mitici de la Bucuresti remix. Do Baba – Bonus Track. The Wind Bonus Track. Calling Tamango [Urban Gipsy ]. Cantecul Mirelui Shukar remix. Do Baba Bonus Track. Shukar Collective – 08 – Shub.

Lautarium – Bonus Track.

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Shukar Collective – Oh, Girl. They generally mix various sounds produced by tapping spoons or other domestic objects with those produced on analog synthesizers. It is especially known for using traditional rhythms employed by the Ursari section of the Roma minority with contemporary electronic sampling.


Fata Mea Electric Brother Remix. Hanul Ars by DJ Max.

Shukar Collective

Bar Boot – Bonus Track. Shub – Bonus Track.

Views Read Edit View history. Shukar Collective – Malademna.

shukar collective lautarium

Urban Gypsy combines Shukar’s original ursari musi Calling Tamango – Bonus Track. Hahaha – Bonus Track.

shukar collective lautarium

Retrieved from ” https: Shukar Collective – 11 – Disperiae Romanes. Shukar Collective – 09 – Mamo.

Gipsy Blooz – Bonus Track. Shukar Collective Verbal Fight. Verbal Fight – Bonus Track. Malademna Blanoz Distruzos Popa-Shari mix. Bar Boot Junkyard Remix. Shukar Colective – Cine intra-n cartiere. Shukar Collective – 03 – Malademna. The Wind – Bonus Track. Shukar plays ursari music ursar means “bear tamer” or “bear handler” using spoons, wooden barrels or darabouka to create a powerful and urgent sound that is emotional and soulful at the same time.