Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. The intersection of sex and social class in the course of linguistic change. Therefore, for example, data from a year-old female speaking to a year-old male can be compared to data from a different year-old female speaking to a year-old woman in the same study where control factors such as dialect, program genre, etc. The majority of speakers under the age of 30 in this dataset are university students. There, they met other people similarly attired, who also desired to sports with them. This pattern of variation seems corroborated by the results of this study, where stylistically the News and Sports genre speech would match the non-conversation-like speech of the Medina-Rivera data. The results of the accommodation analyses suggest that speakers accommodate their speech to the social traits sex, age, and social class of their immediate in-studio interlocutor first, and the social traits of the perceived target listening audience affect accommodation to a much smaller degree.

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It was discovered that a large number of gold in South Africa. For each of the three types of stations I recorded programs from each of sprtscast following radio genres: However, in the Talk genre in particular, the two speakers spend the larger part of the show in dialogue-mode, rather than talking toward a listening radio audience like the newscasters and sportscasters.


Though s-aspiration is a trait of Panamanian Spanish, retention is preferred in formal situations. The control factors that remained constant were Spanish dialect Santiago metro area and social class all speakers were middle or upper class. La Caja de Canaria.

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sportscast 3.3.2

Given these results, speech formality does not seem to be a triggering factor for palatalization. The Entertainment and Talk genres in this corpus are generally co-hosted programs or involve a host and a guest.

Methodology and Data Source 9. A rio revuelto Mainstream Cooperativa: Time to pay 7. Acoustic characteristics of English fricatives.

Velar palatalization in Chilean public speech

Peer Group Analysis 6. Additionally, the literature on media speech reminds us that there are station-imposed pressures and constraints for radio speakers that affect language choices, lexical as well as phonemic see Background. English words suffixed with -s English 1-syllable words English terms with IPA pronunciation English 2-syllable words English non-lemma forms English noun forms English verb forms English lemmas English verbs English terms with quotations en: Rest of South America 5.

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sportscast 3.3.2

This difference also reached statistical significance: All speakers belong to the middle or upper classes, as determined by education level, profession, and in some cases, celebrity status. Common Stock against other companies. As a professional stone crushing and grinding plants supplier, Joyal is providing crusher series jaw crusher, cone crusher, VSI crusher and mill series ball mill Gender and age-group marking will be examined via speaker group interactions.


News and Entertainment tend to be gender neutral, that is, they do not specifically target men or women. Speakers accommodated more to their immediate interlocutor co-host or guest than to the social traits of their perceived target audience. Personal Fitness Application 5.

Duna en punto Duna: English Wikipedia has an article on: The extra-linguistic factor groups are 5 program genre, 6 radio station type, 7 speaker sex, and 8 speaker age.

Velar palatalization in Chilean public speech

Due to the noise conditions, play-by-plays are not suitable for acoustic analysis and were excluded from this study. The regression analysis was run with sportscaat speakers as a random effect. Global Sports Software Value 5.

The Educated Standard and the Broadcast Standard: The results of both the regression and accommodation analyses showed that speakers do exert some control of their productions and that their selections are influenced at least in part by the social profile of their listeners, particularly age group. Global Sports Software Region 5.

A socio-phonetic examination of co-articulation in Chilean public speech. This study updates and fills several gaps in the literature on velar palatalization in Chilean Spanish.

sportscast 3.3.2