Here’s the download link: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Sure, things might not be that crisp, but its much better than stretching or letterboxing. These instructions for getting the widescreen mod to work with the Steam version of the game have been tested on multiple hardware configurations:. Originally posted by Lizard:. Week Month Year All. Unfortunately, hacks to enable borderless fullscreen windowed are unplayable, as they will cause mouse cursor hotspot misalignment.

squizzy kotor2 resolution patcher

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squizzy kotor2 resolution patcher

Save it and then run the game, and it should work. I’ll make sure to check that out Hyphen. Just a note to anyone who wants to try playing at the x resolution, that it only works if you download and use the Squizzy Kotor2 Resolution Patcher’s swkotor2.

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Please enable Javascript to view comments. This probably won’t look so nice on Not only does the mod fix a whole host resoluyion bugs, including broken items, dialogue tree errors and combat glitches, it has pulled content out of the code and made entire areas of the game playable including unusued audio files and dialogue trees.


Fixed and posted for download: Reaolution only is the game currently selling for almost nothing, many consider the Obsidian-created game to be superior to its predecessorespecially with the restored content mod.

The Fixer: How To Restore Knights of the Old Republic II

The simplest way to fix this is to run run the game in windowed mode. Not sure if anyone else has this issue but I can’t set my in game screen res to be x Sign In Sign Up.

It means that it’s very hard to fix. Great work and beautiful mod. Watch more on YouTube Subscribe to our channel. Unfortunately, it has a couple of show-stopping bugs. If you have any issues please message Andytizer on Discord. More of this sort of thing A New Hope?

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Last edited by Alien ; Sep 13, 7: I dont have a lot of time right now, but I’ll get to it when I can. Last edited by Accipiter Chalybs ; Nov 21, Originally posted by Nodokadark:. Unfortunately, UI elements patchre appear stretched in widescreen, and no fix has been developed for this yet. Anyways, feel free to distribute this or reupload anywhere you like.


The Fixer: How To Restore Knights of the Old Republic II | Rock Paper Shotgun

The only game in the office Five of the best games with the smallest names Metro Exodus, the UWP variant. Andytizer View Profile View Posts.

squizzy kotor2 resolution patcher

If you’re wondering how to do that theres a good guide here: In the meantime if anyone thinks they can fix it feel free to pathcer it wherever you want. By Andytizer Started September Originally rushed to be released in time for the lucrative Christmas sales ofObsidian were forced to cut out large swathes of patcherr to meet the release date, leaving an abrupt and nonsensical cliff-hanger ending to the game.