For those of you unfamiliar with my bar exams, I am sharing all of my notes from my true first listen to the project. Burn This House Down Why not add your own? Great way to start an album, creative production mixed with lyrics such as: Over guitar riffs and a soulful organ, T. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

start a riot tedashii

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This is arguably the best song on the album.

start a riot tedashii

Woke Up This Morning. Okay, battle lines drawn, face paint on When the opposition come, it’s time to drop bombs War clothes on, you can call it under armour God-given weapons so the enemy won’t harm ya Yes, I’m a snitch, or you can say informer Call it what you wanna, ay I’m just tryin’ to warn ya Keep it on the low, watch your name become a tabloid Sin, can’t avoid it, but we still tryin’ to pay for it And you will till you riot, fight with everything ’cause the law can beat you down, Rodney King And you just tryin to get along You don’t see that nothin’ wrong But when you get alone, you trin’ to get it on But with the Lord, ain’t no such thing as secret He know what you finna say, way before you speak it Knows what you finna look at before you see it Knows everything, so confess it man, seek Him La da da da, la di da di da x4 Start a riot x8 Ohhhh!

Slave on this track, and sin is the pimp son Homer chokin’ out your seed, Bart Simpson Danger, man, cause this thing is a monster Pro said fight cause sin, it’ll harm ya So that’s what I do, till I hear the bell ring Startin’ up a riot, that’s a everyday thing La da da da, la di da di da x4 Start a riot x8 Ohhhh! However, Dum Dum featuring Lecrae quickly brought me back into the Blacklight zone. Need It Daily feat. Great way to start an album, creative production mixed with lyrics such as: I provide in-depth thoughts and commentary […].


Tedashii is that dude. I personally appreciate Tedashii moving into a more progressive focus with his new material.

Review – Tedashii ‘Blacklight’

teedashii To spark the album properly Tedashii smashes with his PRo produced single: Being someone who tends to be pretty vulnerable on the mic, NF found some space here in front of a camera to be real. Burn This House Down Tedashii returns with his third album: Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

Why not add your own? Rock A Bye Baby. The project is unlike any released by the artist before, compiling several unreleased tracks into a single release with a podcast tedzshii used to create additional conversation. Perhaps the most crucial element of Work in Progress is […]. Ye-ye-ye, ye-ye-yeah x4 La di da da, we come back and reload La di da z, don’t hold back, here we go La di da da, I know what we fo’ sho’ La di da da, hold it down and let’s go Cause I refuse to be the one lying on the redashii Like He don’t change lives, I’m alive, look what He’s done, I’m a product of confession man, every line’s a lesson I repent and tell it, no occupation, profession La da da da, la di da di da x4 Start a riot x8 Ohhhh!


Alright here we go. There are more songs about life with biblical application then songs with theological themes without practical presentation.

TEDASHII : Riot lyrics

I typically provide in-depth thoughts and commentary on anything from flows, rhymes, beats, creative direction, track placement, and concepts. Flame and Jai 9. For irot of you unfamiliar with my bar etdashii, I am sharing all of my notes from my true first listen to the project.

Reach Records seem to be moving into a more balanced approached with their music. KB and PK Listen to Kyle Ringer Below: Rock a Bye Baby 3.

Riot lyrics

Tedashii proclaimed the Gospel but overall delivered good music with Blacklight. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

start a riot tedashii

Add your thoughts No Comments. As a Blacklight unveils items in the dark, Tedashii reveals more about himself. Lampmode recording artist SO is featured on this Cheesebeats produced banger.

I would have loved to hear more from Ron Kenoly Jr outside of his background vocals. The Benjah and Sky produced track is a sobering song featuring hearfelt lyrics over percussions and pianos. Originally from Northern California, Chad became a San Diego resident in and where he resides with his wife and children.