The ship was repaired and returned to service in The ship was hit on the starboard side by a single torpedo, and the crew of 43 abandoned ship in three lifeboats. A search for survivors was promptly launched. History Nazi Germany Name: U left her new home port of La Pallice on 30 March , and headed across the Atlantic to the coast of Florida.


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These simulations show a real potential of the developed techniques for 3D imaging. Retrieved 12 April U had a displacement of tonnes long tons when at the surface and tonnes long tons while submerged.

Translated by Brooks, Geoffrey. Cremer failed to identify her, as she was camouflaged as the Norwegian ship Elg and was ahead of schedule.


U sailed out on a patrol on 10 Februarybut returned after only two days on the 12th. Check your PC with our freeware tool.

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Empire Brutus 17 Jul: Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. U rescued the seven-man crew and sank the aircraft with gunfire.

The U-boat was rammed twice, and exchanged gunfire at close range before submerging, while the corvette dropped depth charges. U joined wolfpack ‘Schill 1’ on 16 November. All 45 hands were lost.



The ship was hit on the starboard side by a single torpedo, and the crew of 43 abandoned ship in three lifeboats. U sailed from La Pallice once more on 1 Septemberand headed south to the coast of West Africa, [13] joining wolfpack ‘Iltis’ between 6—23 September. The U-boat questioned the 12 survivors from the crew of 33, and gave them bread and cigarettes. Hans Fiedler 20—31 July Two depth charges actually hit Ubut one broke up without detonating and the other bounced off and caused only light damage.

The proposed solutions to control this type of probe implement multiplexing or elements number reduction techniques, generally using random selection approaches ” sparse array “. In order to limit the loss of u106.exe, optimization remains the best solution. Although releasing the U-boat from u1206.exw grip of the mud was a problem, she eventually freed herself, and once again U escaped. The ship was repaired and returned to service in Late on 2 February, U picked up 25 crewmen and 55 prisoners in three lifeboats and three rafts.

Unfortunately, she was in fact the German blockade runner Spreewalden route from Dairen in Manchuria to Bordeaux with a cargo of 3, tons of rubbertons of tin20 tons of tungstenand quinineas well as 86 prisoners from ships that had been sunk by the auxiliary cruiser Kormoran.


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UU 4 July: When the aircraft illuminated the U-boat, it was met with a barrage of AA fire. However, she had no success, and returned to base on 31 August after 91 days.

The bomber passed over Uand dropped four depth charges before crashing into the sea, killing the crew of six. U bore the “three little fishes” emblem on its conning tower.


The proposed methods are systematically compared to the dense array by performing simulations under realistic conditions.

The crew of 32 abandoned ship in two lifeboats, almost being asphyxiated by naphtha fumes. The submarine had a maximum surface speed of It also allows a greater scan sector as the grating lobes are very small relative to the main lobe. Port Chicago disaster 24 Jul: