But you also sense that it is the framework of this thought that makes you feel what you feel when you listen to his work. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. To Hyatt one can imagine there was nothing formulaic about it. One artist each from the two traditions Coke Studio represents: This , more than anything else, had become formulaic. It meant that a Pushtun punk rock band could re-do their most famous song on a stage that finally gave them the recognition they deserved. Songs are your own creation and they are like kids and when people praise any of yours kid you start loving that one more.

vital signs sanwali saloni

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This is why we put it in last place on side A of our first album.

Sanwali Saloni by Vital Signs on TIDAL

The focal point of that image, is Gori playing on the streets of Pakistani saaloni. All we have of the back-story is occasional remarks from Rohail Hyatt and his colleagues, made to a famously selective list of journalists.

In JulyJunaid Jamshed was asked what his favorite song was. Rohail had ventured into Indian classical music some time before Coke Studio, and he began to notice a chasm of ivtal between how he along with other western style musicians understood music, and how many Eastern classical musicians thought about their music. I feel that if you bring into your life the commandments of Allah and the way Prophet Muhammad performed them, your life can become paradise even in this world.


It was not the kind of life I wanted to lead. As an artist, I know during the times of Vital Signs, that was a very difficult thing to want.

Pop was reinterpreted with classical theory, classical was repackaged with pop flavor. It was another six years before the Pakistani pop legend came to the conclusion that salono career was not compatible with Islam.

Except, that our leaning may tell us a little bit about who we really are. This was also the start of his life changing spiritual journey.

“SANWALI” LYRICS by VITAL SIGNS: Chorus: Sanwali saloni si

Answering this question fundamentally achieves nothing. But through the decade after the Vital Signs, the music remained alive. It is a very spontaneous performance for all the musicians involved.

Herein was the fork in the road.

vital signs sanwali saloni

His wife in particular welcomed the change. That our connection to happiness in the past is alive, and that it makes us more human in the present. Jamshed has not abandoned music altogether.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs 1 is a soundtrack of urban celebration. This to him, was a deep injustice. The differences existed and they meant something, except the public never really had a chance to fathom them at all. The ex-heart throb is barely recognisable these days, choosing to eanwali in simple shalwar kameez and sporting an ever growing beard. Junaid, I remember very viital, disliked it and the media sort of agreed with him.


It was hard for them to take as I was telling them that everything that I had done was not right. It is modern, yet traditional.

vital signs sanwali saloni

This action cannot be undone! Where does that lukewarm emotion leave us? InJamshed left both his engineering and music careers and, afterwards, focused on his religious activities for Islam and reciting nasheeds on TV and releasing them on CD’s. It is an effort to really be something meaningful, to really move the world forward by taking a stance no one has taken before. Saooni the outside, Coke Studio had become static. If was ever a redo of Vital Signs songs, covers or rerecording, I would pin for these four.

Edit Profile View as Public Logout. Junaid, Shehzad and Rohail wanted to be a real rock band. After graduating with a degree in engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology LahoreJamshed briefly worked as a civilian contractor and engineer for the Pakistan Air Force before focusing on a musical career.