This is the driver for installation for the Holmes 2. As standard it is supplied with one sensor “clamp”, but can be connected to additional clamps to measure a second or third phase – the cottage I am using it in has two supply phases so I am using two clamps. OK, I’ve had it for quite some time now. Online community of Wattson users to compare hints and tips for saving energy. I was told there would be more development, though it seemed they were more interested in “glitter” such as an iPhone app rather than any nuts and bolts useful features.

wattson solar plus software

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It makes it obvious when things are sucking lots of juice or have been left on by mistake. Product details Display Portable wireless unit which allows instant reading of electricity use anywhere in the home within approx 30m of transmitter. Unfortunately absolutely nothing has happened! Ran the logging software which is OK for energy logging pllus not much good on costing for AUS conditions specifically my RED Solar plan which gives me offpeak power all weekend as well as 11pm to 7am weekdays Also it would not be able to work out nett feed in tariff mineOK for gross feed in using the generated power input Very interesting product though and looks like a cut above the rest I like the logging bit to PC.

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Wattson Energy Monitor Wattson Solar has all the elements you need to measure sattson electricity generation as well as your energy consumption. On similar lines, I find it fascinating that the website for this device now features a swath of “pimp your Wattson” pictures, and versions with even prettier shiny metal cases.


wattson solar plus software

It can therefore also be used to track improvements reductions in consumption. Olympic Solar has helped me eliminate my electricity bill by installing a 6kw system using the components I researched nothing was a problem for them.

Wattsons – Holmes software for mac. It will store four weeks of energy usage history in the unit, but this can at any time be downloaded to a computer running the free “Holmes” software that is available from the manufacturers softwaree site.

Most of what I originally soar is still the case, the most useful aspect of this device is the big glowing consumption numbers. There was a very minor bugfix release early on, but absolutely waftson significant development. Compatible with single and three phase electrical systems, for use in homes of all sizes as well as small business premises.

wattson solar plus software

These days, new meters in Australia are normally time of use meters so all the power comes through the single meter. Whilst the software is informative, for me the single greatest selling point of the Wattson is that big red numeric display showing our instantaneous consumption. My belief that most “greenies” are more interested in impressing each other than doing anything useful was certainly not reduced by exposure to the Wattson crowd!!

Because the data is already stored on the computer, such software upgrades should work with historical readings as well. Overall I still like the Wattson as a consumption meter.

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It worked fine with no problems on my 2. If you have any more information, or links to newer versions to the Wattson Holmes Software or drivers please let us know and we will share it with everyone. Shows how watrson each electrical appliance uses when you switch it on or off.


Given the failings or omissions in the software such as TOU rates being limited to a single 24hour pattern that does not allow weekends to be different, as my rates are I no longer bother to download the data to the computer.

Online community of Wattson users to compare hints and tips for saving energy. In Australia historically there was a separate meter for off-peak, that only fed the water pljs. Home About What is a “Smart Home”? softwqre

Wattson Energy Monitor

Sensor details An electrician required to clip softwzre sensor to cables from your electricity meter. Update me about special offers Your Name: Contemporary designed display unit. Right click on the link and “Save as They installed a 2KW system and took care of everything.

wattson solar plus software

Search Search this site: Wattson – Holmes Software for PC. It often resets when appliances turn on not necessarily the one its connected tomaking long term softwage impossible.

They are all quite similar, most allow monitoring of more than one phase, a couple can have their data uploaded to a PC. Latronics suggested putting a 10uF capacitor across the Inverter output, I only had a 3uF handy sollar the time and used it instead, and that did help a bit – less resetting and more believable readings, but still not quite right.