You know what’s coming next The Juggernog’s Perk-a-Cola machine. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. WolfOfTheNight Dec 23, 2: It’s a no-words song called ”Undone”.

waw nacht der untoten with perks

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CUSTOM ZOMBIES | Nacht Der Untoten With Perks and a Pack a Punch!!! PART 2

Althought its relatively high damage, the nature of this map, along with its wall location and the bolt-action fire mode makes this weapon inappropriate for use in this map.

If you accidentally open it, then you’re eaw doomed and you do not have much hope of escaping or survival. Unfortunately, it isn’t available in Nacht Der Untoten map. There, you can use mystery box or buy a better wall weapon thompson or double barrel shotgun. Nacht Der Untoten is a map with two floors, something that makes it to differ from other zombies maps. In order to do my strategy, you must keep this door closed. Strategies for Solo games.

But this is my experience, talking about lvl untotej. Its really a nice guide, ive used this many times before and its great to see it is still used. Also the lack of Speed Cola and Double Tap perks, makes the things even worse. First of all, raygun and monkeys bombs are a must, so, whatever weapons you choose, perkks must have bacht two. You should give particular attention to this, since the zombies coming from this window may cause you serious damage.


A powerful shotgun with serious reload issues.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Nacht Der Untoten Guide

This item has been added to your Favorites. HolyBunny as a WaW player myself I will just say to you, the strategy itself could work given the map layout nacyt the same but of course it will be harder due to the lack of thunderguns and monkey bombs.

As I said in the starting section, in Nacht Der Untoten, useful power ups like death machine and fire sale aren’t available. This item has been added to your Favorites.

Just add me, go ahead. Also, it takes you longer to rebuild it, meaning you earn more points rebuilding this window, comapred to the normal barricades. This map will help you be improved as a player and develop team spirit and co-operation between you and your teammates.

Nacht der Untoten 2015 (Remake)

As you understand, the lack of perks especially Juggernog’s nxcht, look at the down image and of the Pack-a-Punch machine, along with the very little running space, makes Nacht Der Untoten the ultimate test for your playing skills. It’s a no-words song called ”Undone”.

waw nacht der untoten with perks

Accidentaly, this power up always appears in tight situations. Before you get it, throw a monkey perkw or bombsand then reload all your weapons. Conclusion – Things you must remember. Raygun is a very powerful, automatic weapon that shoots green, radioactive blasts. This door will lead you to my recommended camp spot, where the real challenge of the game will take place. That means you will have blind spots, which you won’t be able to cover. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.


Galil right image 4.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Nacht Der Untoten Strategy

MrMince Oct 19, You will never get anywhere near as high on the new nacht as you could in WaW. That’s the reason I highly recommend you the camping strategy, and Nacht Der Untoten has a great place where you can camp. At the end of round 14, you must apply the second and final step of my strategy, when you will clear the debris, which is in the mystery box room.

waw nacht der untoten with perks

If you want to move, then at the end of the round that you are, you should make a zombie-crawler, and leave it alive. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.