Then, we get to the two tracks Y. Wolfgang killed it last night, favorite set by far. With a long outro at the end of the track, it signals the end of the album. Take it with you. What sets the app apart from other podcasting applications is its emphasis on discovery. How could it be great, but so short? It has a happy vibe to it, like if you were going to walk the street on a sunny day you would listen to this track.

wolfgang gartner redline like mike

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wolfgang gartner redline like mike

Luciana Preview Clip – Out April 6! He injects contagious energy into whatever tracks he makes, and the fact that he seemingly came back from the dead to release this album is a surprise in itself.

wolfgang gartner redline like mike

Listening closer, the lyrical content is kind of depressing, but the oxymoronic cues make it even better. It works so well.

wolfgang gartner redline like mike

Buy here on Beatport: Why do I give you all this backstory? This track gives me hype goosebumps. Wolfgang has seemingly cut to the chase here, giving us the meat of the album with none of the bullshit. Foxes – Clarity Vicetone Remix Manage episode series Our servers were unable to retrieve a valid podcast feed for a sustained period.


The tracklist is 10 long, and is only 33 minutes long. Sure, there are elements of his sound design in the album, but it is not the complextro rebirth that I initially wanted.

The featured artists range from will. Tiesto WolfgangGartner Luciana Weownthenight edm dance dancemusic house bumb beats summer club rave chicks. This news crushed me in many ways.

Track 9 is Feel Right, and it does just that. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. SoundCloud wolfganggartner Electronic House edm electronic music.

Скачать Wolfgang Gartner – Red Line (Original Mix) – смотреть онлайн

Hopefully, you can use this as a stepping stone and work your way back into his past tracks and see where the inspiration came from. This sounds more like the Wolfgang I knew back in the day. I love this album. Player FM for Android — Download podcasts free. Collaborated with Deadmau5 on not one, but two tracks which are some of my all time favorites in the game. Want to see more posts tagged wolfganggartner?


Everything is there for a reason, to help with the flow of the album. From here, we move into Gwrtner. In fact, this album is such a large departure from his previous albums, that on first listen I would be hard pressed to recognize that it was even him.

What strikes me with this album is that no track seems out of place.

Take it with you. It feels like they were added to try and get radio plays, which Forever ft will. Daft Punk daftpunk wolfgang gartner wolfganggartner mashup Mash Up download soundcloud robot rock.

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Wolfgang Gartner – Red Line (Original Mix)

This album is nothing like his first ones. I love this track. There are nowhere near enough artists that produce music in a way like Wolfgang does.